Lift Chair Accessory Guide

Mediplus Mobility is proud to offer a line of lift chairs that represents the hightest standards of quality in the industry. We carry Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies lift chair in every available color, material, size and model.

As you research medical lift chairs, you will learn that all of them have three features in common. They lift the individual up to a standing position, they offer reclining backrests and elevating footrests. Not only are they ideal for lounging, reading and watching TV– but they can also be used by individuals to nap or sleep through the night.

Once those three main functions are taken care of, though, lift chairs come equipped with an impressive range of accessories to cater to your specific needs.

Take the option of memory foam cushioning for example- which beyond achieving ideal comfort that countours to your body, also provides an enhanced cooling sensation that keeps you comfortable and dry when you spend time on your chair.

Lift chairs also come equipped with optional heat and massage. Patients requiring these additional therapeutic features will find soothing relief in the daily use of their lift chair. Heat and massage is ideal for people looking for the ultimate experience in tension relief.

Users who are taller than 6″2 can also count on footrest extensions for their lift chair. These are especially convenient when moving the chair into a sleeping position as they prevent your feet from dangling. The average extension length is usually 5 inches.

Individuals who are at risk for incontinence, can choose one of two possible solutions. Whereas most lift chairs are upholstered in fabric, manufacturers like Pride and Golden Technologies offer spill resistant vinyls— which are easy to clean up in case of accidents. Suppliers also offer resistant protective pads, which can hold up to the equivalent of one cup of fluid and can be easily removed in order to machine or hand wash them with warm water.

Finding a great lift chair to help you live a more comfortable life is easy! The lift chair accessories offered by Mediplus Mobility will take that experience one step further. Whether you’re looking to buy a lift chair or are interested in inquiring about a lift chair for rent in Florida, our dedicated team is always available to answer all your questions.

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