New Medical Scooters 2023 – Traveling / Companion from Best Airs

Today we are going to talk about the new 2023 models of mobility scooters from the Best Airs brand, a new brand that offers excellent quality products with better features than other options in the same range. In turn, it provides a personalized after-sales service for those who need help using their scooters.

The first model we are going to talk about is the Traveling Medical Scooter. It is a 4 wheel and portable mobility scooter. It has an advanced suspension system that provides optimal comfort for the user and a sliding seat that allows to achieve an ideal fit for each person. In addition, its wheels are larger than those of the same type scooters for greater stability, its weight is light and it offers superior durability to its competitors.


38 %
Save $600.00
$990.00 Tax Free


The second model of medical scooters that presents the Best Airs brand as a novelty is the Companion. The Companion model is a mid-size premium 4-wheel scooter. In its range it is also the best option. It has integral front and rear suspension that guarantee a smooth and very comfortable ride. Its tires are 10″ puncture-proof. The Companion mobility scooter has a safety lighting kit that includes emergency lights, LED lighting package, turn signals and reflectors.

In addition, the Companion mobility scooter has a fully ergonomic ride thanks to its infinitely adjustable delta rudder, to find the sweet spot. The seat provides the best comfort, it has a high reclining backrest and its height is also adjustable to achieve the best comfort.

The Companion mobility scooter is totally safe for its users: it includes dual rearview mirrors, anti-tip wheels, freewheel mode and a positioning belt. Finally, it has a large plastic front basket to carry personal items.


23 %
Save $500.00


In summary, both mobility scooters 2023 from the brand Best Airs are the best options on the market, not only for their benefits but also for their price. Within the range of each one, they are the cheapest. We invite all users to test them at our Miami location located at 7442 NW 8th Street, Miami, FL, 33126.

We will have more news about mobility products very soon!

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