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Lift Chair rental Store in Miami & Florida

Choose a lift chair rental from Mediplus Mobility-- the leader in medical supply and medical equipment in Miami, FL.

Our lift chair rental program facilitates top quality, immaculate lift chair rentals to individuals living in or visiting the state of Florida. Our lift chair rentals Florida are an ideal aid for elderly individuals and people suffering from lower back pain or recovering from heart surgery or abdominal surgery. Lift chairs are different from regular reclining chairs because, beyond reclining and having an elevating footrest, they can also assist mobility-restricted individuals to stand up from a seated position. Our lift chair rentals move gently and smoothly to ensure a trouble-free movement for you or your loved ones. Their easy, remote control operation takes the guesswork out of their use. Mediplus’ lift chair rentals Florida arrive at your home fully sanitized and inspected to ensure your peace of mind. Our quick delivery technicians are standing by to bring right to your door, the very best in technology and comfort. Get in touch with one of our lift chair rental experts today to find the perfect device for you.

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    3-position lift chair
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    3-position lift chair Infinite Positions
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Choosing Lift Chair Rentals from Mediplus Mobility

The team at Mediplus Mobility is proud to offer its customers lift chairs for rent in the state of Florida. Your comfort and relaxation are of utmost importance to us.

Individuals looking for an alternative to traditional arm chairs that will give them the comfort and freedom to sit back and relax in style can rest assured that our rental lift chairs offer a convenient and affordable solution. Many factors could prevent someone from being able to sit on and get up from a regular armchair comfortably. Yet, that should prevent them from finding a relaxed lounging position. Many patients will find that renting a lift chair is a great and smart choice. Mediplus Mobility offers the best lift chair rental in Florida. Our service offers patients the ability to avoid spending upwards of a thousand dollars on a single piece of furniture while affording them the chance to have a lift chair at home.

Our lift chairs are a breeze to use—not only are they easy to use but they are also comfortable. Users can find the most comfortable position by lifting and reclining the chair in three different positions. They also feature a convenient remote control that hooks into the arm of the chair for easy access and ergonomic contouring. Lift chairs are a great option for individuals living with chronic conditions that impair or reduce mobility or cause joint pain such as osteoporosis or osteoarthritis. Some patients who experience these conditions can make the transition between sitting and standing positions challenging.

Individuals who are on their own might need help to get in or out of a regular chair. Our lift chairs provide patients the freedom to sit down and get at to their convenience and also ease their transition between both positions easily. Patients who see their mobility diminished by pain or weakness can enjoy the comfort of an armchair without the hassle, worry or pain of having to stand and sit without help.

Why lift chairs will help your recovery!

Have you or a loved one gone through hip or knee replacement surgery? Have you had a medical intervention in your abdominal area that has weakened your core? In those cases, Mediplus Mobility’s lift chairs for sale and for rent could be a great tool to help you recover.

Lets begin by dispelling a common misconception about medical lift chairs. Many prospective customers have approached us inquiring why lift chairs are pricier than La-z-boy-style loungers if “they’re the same thing”. That is not the case. The main difference between a comfort lounger and a lift chair is the later’s ability to help you up to a comfortable standing position. Lift chairs come in two, three and infinite position configurations. What they all have in common though, is the fact that they will assist an individual in going from a sitting to a standing position with ease. Their slow-moving upwards tilt is a safe way of relieving pressure on a patient’s knees, hips and core while easing their movement.

Beyond being able to move an individual to a standing position, the backrests of lift chairs can recline — in many cases all the way down to a horizontal position) and the leg rests can come up or down at the touch of a button. There are slight — but important– differences between stair lifts in the market:

Two-position lift chair: The most basic type of lift chair will move to a semi-reclining position, where the backrest will move back as the footrest will come up. It comes equipped with one motor that operates both functions simultaneously.

Three-position lift chair: Three-position lift chairs are the intermediate category, where the chair can move to semi-reclining position as well as napping position (where the backrest moves down further and the footrest comes up even higher). Three-position medical lift chairs also work with one motor.

Infinite-position lift chair: The most versatile lift-chair category, infinite position chairs are operated by two independent motors– meaning that the backrest and footrest of the chair function independently. Whether you’re seeking to find the perfect reading, napping or sleeping position– these lift chairs can accommodate all your comfort and positioning requirements.

Mediplus Mobility proudly distributes the top lift chair brands in the world. We offer floor models as well as lift chairs customized to your style and decor– vinyl, fabric and suede-like texture along with dozens of alluring colors are some of your options. And we deliver quick!

Our team looks forward to hearing from you and helping you find a great lift chair that will suit both your style and needs for sale or for rent.

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