Where can I find a Patient Lift or a Stand Assist Lift?

A Stand Assist Lift can be very similar to a Patient Lift. The
Patient Lift is a device which can be used to move a person from one
place to another, for instance from a wheelchair to the bed. In this
particular case, the Patient Lift is needed for those that are
completely incapable of moving. On the other hand, the Stand Assist can be used for the same purpose with the difference that people who can still move are the candidates for the use of this advice. The Stand Assist can help those having difficulties walking or standing to move from a wheelchair to the restroom, as an example. A Stand Assist Lift device is invented to keep up the upper body in a straight position.

patient lifts for sale This requires the person to be able to hold part of their own weight using the lower body and the use of the arms for support as well. The Stand Assist Lift can be used to transfer from room to room, from bed or wheelchair to a commode, and from the bed to any chair. Not only is the Stand Assist used at home for those that need assistance but it is also used by physicians and can be very helpful for caregivers. We offer both the Patient Lift and the Stand Assist Lift for your convenience. Our Patient and Stand Assist Lifts for rent in Florida are delivered to your home in excellent condition and are available for rent on a monthly basis.

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