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Electric wheelchair

Electric Wheelchair B

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Power wheelchairs for rent can be of great assistance to individuals seeking freedom and speed to move around. Their comfortable seating and tight turning radius make them ideal for use both at home and outdoors. Mediplus Mobility’s electric wheelchairs for rent Florida come both in portable versions and larger models with Captain seats. Our experts can effectively guide you to the perfect electric wheelchair for rent for you depending on your needs and level of mobility. The electric wheelchairs in our rental program provide you with an average of 15 miles of autonomy for every full charge. That means that you can easily take them out for a spin in your neighbourhood or the mall. Their easy-to-use controls will guarantee that you’ll get moving in no time. Our portable electric wheelchairs for rent Florida can be easily disassembled and fit into the trunk of a car or belly of a plane—ensuring light-weight ease of use whether you’re home or abroad. Mediplus’ electric wheelchairs for rent come fully serviced and sanitized.

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