On the road to freedom: The Portable Scooter

go go elite mobility scooter

There’s so much to see and do in the summertime… and many individuals who experience mobility impairments choose to use a mobility scooter to do just that. Electric mobility scooters are the perfect device for moving around your neighborhood (an even your home!) in comfort, speed and safety!

Many of these devices however, are built in larger sizes, which make them extremely challenging to transport on a regular car. Often a van with a ramp is needed if you plan to take your scooter to the mall, a park or on a trip. That is where portable mobility scooters– also known as travel mobility scooters– come in.

go go elite mobility scooter
Disassembled Go-Go Elite Traveler Mobility Scooter

These devices, unlike their larger and heavier relatives, can be disassembled in order to easily fit them in to a vehicle. Compact mobility scooters come in your choice of three or four wheel configurations (depending on your preference for stability and maneuverability) and can come apart in three or four pieces. They are light-weight and feature comfortable swivel seats that are not captain’s seats but can still deliver a cushy and secure feeling during your travels.

Just because compact electric mobility scooters don’t come with the size of full-size mobility scooters, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t equipped with great features. All of them come with ample, removable carry baskets, some have interchangeable plate colors, anti-tip wheels and more.

What’s just as attractive as the portability of compact mobility scooters is their price-tag! Most of them retail for just over the $1000 mark, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious individuals seeking the freedom and versatility of this motorized device. Mediplus Mobility has a wide selection of electric mobility scooters both for sale and for rent in South Florida. We’ll be happy to assist you in finding the best compact mobility scooter for you.



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