How to make your bathroom a safe space

mediplus mobility toilet safety frame

Bathrooms can be tricky places to navigate. Slippery and uneven surfaces, as well varying heights of toilets, sinks and access to showers/bathtubs can present difficulties for anyone experiencing a mobility impairment or lack of physical stability.

Luckily, our nation’s top manufacturers of bathroom safety equipment have devised products that can simplify that experience and make sure that your bathing or toileting experience is as safe as possible.

Grab bars are a reliable option for individuals– for example– who need added stability when entering or leaving their bathtubs or showers. Not only will they find support in a grab bar that’s affixed to the wall and features metallic construction, but they will also achieve better balance. Grab bars can also be installed inside a shower stall or tub wall. These are ideal for individuals who are also in need or a bit more support when moving through their hygienic routine. Another great placement for a grab bar is next to the toilet as it provides a supporting aid for individuals lowering themselves or trying to get up from that sitting position. Grab bars come in chrome and white powdered coatings and in different lengths– from 12″ – 32″. They can be installed vertically, diagonally or horizontally.

Still on the subject of toileting, another great device on the market is the raised toiled seat. For individuals who
experience pain or rigidity in their hip or knee joints when using the toilet, the raised seat can be a life-saver. By raising the toilet height by 2-5″, this device can help reduce the need to bend your hips or knees. Raised toilet seat come in three different configurations: basic models have no arms and others have the option of fixed arms or removable arms. Arms on raised toilet seats provide users with additional balance and support.

Toilet frames are another alternative to raised toilet seats. These metallic structures can be installed around your toilet to provide you with more stability when lowering yourself or getting up. Unlike a raised toilet seat, the toilet height itself remains unchanged.

In the shower or bath tub, people who find that a grab bar is not enough to provide them with the necessary support they seek, have other options. Shower chairs or shower benches (back-less) are made of rust-proof metal and durable plastic surfaces– they’re a great choice if you would rather shower in a sit-down position. Their rubber feet make sure that your chair will grip to your shower surface and prevent slips.

Going a bit further, if you have a tub at home and have trouble accessing it for showering, Mediplus Mobility has a wide selection of transfer benches. Transfer benches are similar to shower chairs– but they are wider– meaning that two of the legs of the bench will be placed outside the bathtub and two of them inside (then can be easily adjusted to account for difference in surface heights). This way, an individual can sit on the bench outside the tub and confortably slide their body to the bench portion that’s inside the tub in absolute safety.

These are just a few of the many bathroom safety products that Mediplus Mobility puts at your disposal for purchase. Visit our website today to get a full look at our line of products! A well-outfitted bathroom can take the fear and anxiety away from daily toileting and bathing duties– let our experts show you how!


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