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Rollators / Rollator Walkers

Our rollator walkers or rollators for sale take the experience of using a regular walker to a whole new level. With four wheels for excellent maneuverability and speed, a convenient seating surface for your convenience and brakes that ensure your safety, Mediplus’ rollators for sale Florida are the ultimate walking aid. Rollator walkers are perfect for trips to the mall and walks around your neighborhood because they allow for the user to take a sitting break at their convenience. They also feature very handy hard or soft baskets which provide extra, hands-free storage. Our rollators for sale come in a variety of models, sizes and colors to suit your personal style. These walkers are easy to fold and transport and are available in steel, aluminum, three wheel and four wheel configurations. At Mediplus Mobility, we strive for our customers to be fully satisfied with their purchases—that’s why we only retail brand-name rollators for sale Florida from the world’s top manufacturers. Thousands of happy customers trust our experienced team--feel free to contact us today.

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Looking to get out on the town? Let Mediplus Mobility help you walk through the streets, parks or malls in style and confidence with one of our Rollators! A rollator is a rolling walker with the extra convenience and comfort of a seat and brakes; these devices provide an alternative for customers who may find a cane does not provide enough comfort or relief, but are still able to walk. Our line of Rollators for sale includes aluminum Rollators, lightweight Rollators, and 3 wheel Rollators. With our extensive selection, you are sure to find the right rollator model to suit your personal needs.

For individuals with special needs, Mediplus Mobility also stocks bariatric Rollators and junior Rollators. It is our goal to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers by helping you find the Rollator that is right for you.

You may be wondering what, if any, is the difference between a walker and a Rollator, and which one better suits their needs? While there are many similarities between the two pieces of equipment, there are also a few key differences, and being aware of them can help you choose the device that’s best for you. A Rollator offers a seat and brakes in addition to all the typical features of a walker, which can be useful for some people who might need the extra convenience or opportunity for rest this provides. A Rollator also has large wheels, which means that for those who might want to use it outside, or to navigate less stable terrain such as city sidewalks and roads, it may be the safer and more stable choice.

Rollators can provide stability and safety to anyone whose mobility may be compromised, but who still wants to maintain the freedom of being able to walk on their own. At Mediplus Mobility, we can help you figure out exactly which of the many Rollators we offer is right for you, based on your needs and lifestyle. Let us help you find exactly the right Rollator!

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