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Rear-Wheel Drive

Rear-wheel-drive power wheelchairs for sale are especially designed for individuals who require stability and versatility. Because of their four-wheeled platform, rear-wheel-drive power wheelchairs for sale Florida are ideal for users who seek to tread all kinds of surfaces. Their heavy-duty construction and agility makes them less likely to get stuck in rough terrains. These devices are also a great choice for individuals who possess decreased coordination or operate specialty controls, because rear-wheel-drive power wheelchairs for sale tend to track straight (as opposed to six-wheel chairs) meaning that they are not as prone to over steering. Mediplus Mobility offers various options and accessories to equip our rear-wheel-drive power wheelchairs for sale Florida, including swivel and reclining captain seats, adjustable seat height, angle and footplates that adapt to the user's support needs. Whether you are looking for a rear-wheel-drive power wheelchair for yourself or a loved one, Mediplus Mobility is your one stop shop for great products at great prices.

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