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Patient Lift Store Miami and Florida

Mediplus Mobility’s affordable patient lifts for sale are an important tool for caregivers who are required to transfer a patient with very limited mobility between different resting places like beds or wheelchairs. Patients receiving home health care will greatly benefit from the use of a hydraulic patient lift or battery powered patient lift because their safe mechanisms decrease the chances of injury for both themselves and their caregivers. Sling patient lifts for sale Florida lessen the physical stress on nursing staff and can easily move patients of all sizes and experiencing every level of disability. Our wide range of slings for patient lifts for sale can accommodate individuals living with different conditions and requiring different positioning to address their needs. Mediplus’ reliable patient lifts for sale Florida are equipped with convenient wheels that make the task of moving a patient extremely convenient for the caregiver and safe and comfortable for the user. A choice of hydraulic hoyer lifts or battery powered patient lifts for sale allows you to find the device that best suits your budget and needs.

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The Hoyer Lift is a sturdy and reliable patient lift that makes the sometimes complicated task of patient transfer easier for everyone involved. For patients whose mobility is limited, a sling lift can mean the difference between a difficult, cumbersome day-to-day routine and a comfortable lifestyle. Caregivers will also find that a Hoyer lift makes their work far easier. Our patient lifts are comfortable, convenient and affordable.

The patient Hoyer lift is relatively simple to operate, and can be used by any caregiver once they have been trained. The patient is placed comfortably in a sling, which is fastened to a hydraulic mechanism that could be manually or battery operated by a series of secure hooks and attachments. When the patient and caregiver are ready, the patient can be lifted up and transferred to a new position and eased out of the sling once the transfer is complete. Hoyer lifts offer a safe and simple way to take the stress out of patient transfer.

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