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Infinite Position Lift Chair

* Sleeping Position

* Napping Position

* Reading Position

* Seating Position

* Lifting Position

Infinite position lift chairs for sale provide the ultimate in flexibility and comfort to users looking for a multi-purpose seat. Beyond gently assisting individuals up to a standing position, Mediplus Mobility’s infinite position lift chairs for sale Florida offer seating, reading, napping and sleeping positions. The infinite position chair – in contrast with the 2 and 3 position lift chairs—is operated by two separate motors. This allows for users to be able to operate the leg-rest and backrest of the infinite position lift chairs for sale independently. The versatility and variety of position configurations provided by this device are second-to-none. Our infinite position lift chairs for sale operate quietly and gently. Their quality-engineered cushioning provides an immersive and relaxing feeling that’s ideal for lounging, reading, napping or enjoying time with friends and family in the comfort of your home. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to connect with you and help you select the perfect size, colours and materials to customize the ideal infinite position lift chairs for sale Florida for your needs.

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