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Semi-Electric Hospital Beds for Sale in Miami

While being cost effective this type of bed will provide you with electric adjustable raising and lowering of the head and feet while using a manual crank for the height adjustments of the bed.

Mediplus Mobility’s semi electric hospital bed selection is sure to cater to individuals looking for an affordable option to help in the recovery or everyday living of themselves or a loved one. Our semi electric hospital bed for sale strikes a good balance of value and function. By choosing to purchase a semi electric hospital bed from Mediplus Mobility, you will be receiving a bed that has all the features you would find in a standard hospital bed - including height adjustment and leg and back positioning. A semi electric hospital bed for sale assists the patient in finding comfortable positions for sleeping and relaxing while reducing the possibility of developing pressure sores. Our sturdy semi electric hospital bed is easy to set up and adjust and can be quickly delivered by our dedicated team anywhere in Florida. Our customer service experts are standing by to happily assist you in finding the right choice, features and price point for you.

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