Is a Folding Mobility Scooter Right for You? 3 Things You NEED To Know

As our population ages, the demand for mobility scooters continues to skyrocket. After all, these convenient devices make moving around and regaining your independence very easy. And as mobility scooter manufacturers continue to improve their design, much emphasis is being placed on the making electric scooters portable.

In recent years, we have seen a really exciting lineup of travel scooters reach the market. These light-weight and compact scooters can be quickly disassembled into four or five parts for easy transportation and storage. A travel scooter can fit into the trunk of your car or a closet in your home. It is a comfortable and economical option for people looking for enhanced mobility. However, it does take a few steps in order to get your disassembled travel scooter up and running.

woman driving zoome scooterIf you’re looking for an even more convenient option, then you must consider a folding travel scooter. What is the difference? Whether a travel scooter comes in pieces, a folding mobility scooter can be put away whole. Here’s what YOU need to know about these life-changing, modern devices:

  1. Your lightest option: Whereas a regular travel scooter will weight around 100 lbs, a folding scooter will weight on average, half of that. At a very manageable 50-60 lbs, this type of scooter might be perfect if you have decreased upper body strength.
  2. The Most Modern Batteries: The game-changing reason why a foldable travel scooter is lighter than the alternative is the battery type. Whereas the lithium battery in folding scooters weights 5 lbs, a standard battery in a compact scooter will weigh between 22-28 lbs. The most surprising fact is that this lighter battery happens to offer excellent range! At an average of 13 miles per charge, even the mozoome flex scooter foldingst compact scooter can take you places!
  3. Simple, one-motion folding: These portable scooters are real time-savers! Without any need for disassembly, this kind of scooter often requires a simple lift of the middle part of the base in order to achieve a compact fold. This makes it an ideal choice if you’re looking for a scooter for travel as no parts will ever be left behind.

Mediplus Mobility in Miami carries folding travel scooters like the Drive ZooMe and the Solax Technology’s Mobie Foldable Scooter. If you have any questions for our expert customer service team, don’t hesitate to call us today at 305-699-5939 and we’ll help you find a great travel scooter to fit your lifestyle.



Are Scooter Rental Florida Options Right for You?

Having difficulty going about your daily life can be nothing short of frustrating. The loss of mobility, regardless the cause, can strip a person from their independence and make him o her feel like they are burdening their friends and families. . Even when the cause is likely to only be temporary, not being able to go and do as desired can be a tough situation to handle. Scooter rental Florida options can provide the perfect way to regain independence without necessarily requiring a big investment in the process.

Scooter rentals in Florida and elsewhere can make a great deal of sense under several circumstances. Here are just a few:

  • The need is likely to be short-term – Paying the full purchase price for a scooter can be a costly undertaking. Incurring the expense doesn’t make sense when the need for assistance is only likely to last for a short time. Scooter rental Florida providers offer short-term contracts that may last for as little as a single day.
  • Other equipment isn’t providing the necessary assistance – Wheelchair rental Miami options can fill the gap for indoor use and various outdoor situations. When a wheelchair just can’t go where it’s needed to, scooters can take over. While not necessarily designed to handle rugged or mountainous terrain, they can navigate outdoor locations better than most wheelchairs.
  • When a purchase is under consideration – Many people who consider scooter rental Florida options do so before making a final purchase. This gives them a no-obligation way to try out equipment to see if it offers the right fit for them. Many companies that provide scooter rentals offer a variety of different models, so this route can be smart before making a full investment.

Scooter rental Florida enables people who suffer from mobility challenges to regain some independence in an affordable manner. Rentals are a smart way to go in many scenarios. If long-term use is likely required, considering an eventual purchase may make the most financial sense.