How to make your bathroom a safe space

Bathrooms can be tricky places to navigate. Slippery and uneven surfaces, as well varying heights of toilets, sinks and access to showers/bathtubs can present difficulties for anyone experiencing a mobility impairment or lack of physical stability.

Luckily, our nation’s top manufacturers of bathroom safety equipment have devised products that can simplify that experience and make sure that your bathing or toileting experience is as safe as possible.

Grab bars are a reliable option for individuals– for example– who need added stability when entering or leaving their bathtubs or showers. Not only will they find support in a grab bar that’s affixed to the wall and features metallic construction, but they will also achieve better balance. Grab bars can also be installed inside a shower stall or tub wall. These are ideal for individuals who are also in need or a bit more support when moving through their hygienic routine. Another great placement for a grab bar is next to the toilet as it provides a supporting aid for individuals lowering themselves or trying to get up from that sitting position. Grab bars come in chrome and white powdered coatings and in different lengths– from 12″ – 32″. They can be installed vertically, diagonally or horizontally.

Still on the subject of toileting, another great device on the market is the raised toiled seat. For individuals who
experience pain or rigidity in their hip or knee joints when using the toilet, the raised seat can be a life-saver. By raising the toilet height by 2-5″, this device can help reduce the need to bend your hips or knees. Raised toilet seat come in three different configurations: basic models have no arms and others have the option of fixed arms or removable arms. Arms on raised toilet seats provide users with additional balance and support.

Toilet frames are another alternative to raised toilet seats. These metallic structures can be installed around your toilet to provide you with more stability when lowering yourself or getting up. Unlike a raised toilet seat, the toilet height itself remains unchanged.

In the shower or bath tub, people who find that a grab bar is not enough to provide them with the necessary support they seek, have other options. Shower chairs or shower benches (back-less) are made of rust-proof metal and durable plastic surfaces– they’re a great choice if you would rather shower in a sit-down position. Their rubber feet make sure that your chair will grip to your shower surface and prevent slips.

Going a bit further, if you have a tub at home and have trouble accessing it for showering, Mediplus Mobility has a wide selection of transfer benches. Transfer benches are similar to shower chairs– but they are wider– meaning that two of the legs of the bench will be placed outside the bathtub and two of them inside (then can be easily adjusted to account for difference in surface heights). This way, an individual can sit on the bench outside the tub and confortably slide their body to the bench portion that’s inside the tub in absolute safety.

These are just a few of the many bathroom safety products that Mediplus Mobility puts at your disposal for purchase. Visit our website today to get a full look at our line of products! A well-outfitted bathroom can take the fear and anxiety away from daily toileting and bathing duties– let our experts show you how!


Why the Mobility Walker is still going places

With constant advancements in the mobility industry, assistive devices are continuously becoming more complex and customizable. However, there is one device that has had a similar shape and functionality as its earliest prototypes– that came into the market in the 1950s. The Mobility Walker hasn’t changed much since its inception, but this staple in the healthcare world continues to be as useful as ever.

drive medical walker
Drive medical walker

Walkers are simple. Nowadays, they are lightweight aluminum frames with one or two buttons per side that help to swing open their legs. Apart from that functionality, the only other features in mobility walkers that can be customized are their height and wheels.

Mediplus Mobility’s walkers for rent and walkers for sale are easy to adjust thanks to their system of pins and holes that allow you to extend the device’s legs as far down as necessary in order to adapt to taller users. Individuals renting or buying a walker also have the option of choosing a walker with no wheels, with two wheels at the front or with four wheels. Walkers come in regular, tall, bariatric and pediatric sizes.

If you are looking for a walker that will easily glide across surfaces– say you have to navigate a combination of wood and carpeted floors, our team will advice that you consider installing simple skis on your walkers. These small gliding components can easy surface transitions for a smoother experience.

In terms of their ideal use, walkers are an excellent device for indoors use. Because of their lightweight frame and the small area that they take up, they are easy to maneuver at home. One can quickly fold up the walker at the touch of a button and transport it up or down the stairs with minimal effort. Their narrow construction makes them ideal for navigating doorways and even fitting them into a bathroom.

Individuals looking for a walking aid that will provide them with added support and balance for use outdoors, might best be served by a rollator walker. Unlike a regular walker, rollators are equipped with brakes, seats and larger wheels, which make them more suitable for longer walks in uneven terrain.

Whether you require a mobility walker or rollator walker, the staff at Mediplus Mobility has at its disposal dozens of different models to show you. Give us a call today at our toll free number- 1(855)819-5050! Hablamos español!

Freedom on wheels: The Rollator Walker

In decades past, individuals who would get tired or lose balance while taking a stroll around the neighborhood, visiting a mall with friends or exploring the outdoors, would be relegated to staying at home for their own safety. Luckily, in the last few years, various mobility devices have come into the market with a sole purpose: that of restoring freedom and confidence to those exact same individuals. Among those devices is the ever evolving Rollator walker.

nitro euro style rollator by drive medical
Nitro Rollator by Drive

You might be wondering what the difference between a conventional walker and a rollator is. Whereas a walker is a simple foldable aluminum frame (with or without wheels), the rollator takes the walker experience to the next level. Mediplus Mobility’s rollators feature the latest innovations to ensure a smooth user experience both indoors and outdoors. For example, unlike regular walkers– rollators always come equipped with four wheels. Unlike the small wheels on walkers, rollator wheels are larger and many of them have tread that assists people in navigating more rugged terrains. Also, most rollators come equipped with a cushioned seat and backrest. These features are crucial for individuals who tire out after walking for a while. By having a seat surface handy, you can take a breather at your convenience.

Of course, in order to guarantee the safety of the person who’s using the rollator walker, the devices are also equipped with ergonomic brakes. Not only are the brakes important in helping individuals achieve more stability while using their rollator, but they must also be activated when using the rollator as a seat in order to prevent possible slips.

Not only do rollators come packed with features like handy shopping baskets and comfortable foam grips, but later-generation rollator walkers are styled to complement one’s personal style. Whether you’re looking for a rollator for sale or a rollator for rent, you will find that they are often painted in attractive colors like white, red, blue or black and possess modern, almost aerodynamic lines.

Mediplus Mobility has a large selection of rollator walkers available for rent and for sale. Not only does our team guarantee excellent pricing and quick availability, but we also have the knowledge necessary to answer any questions you may have when picking a great device for your needs.


The Patient Lift: Easing your life and that of your caregiver

Varying degrees of mobility impairment require varying degrees of assistance for individuals and caregivers alike. For patients who are unable to transition between a wheelchair and bed independently for example , a patient lift helps to complete the task safely and seamlessly.

patient lift by drive

Mediplus Mobility offers patient lifts for sale and for rent that are well cared for and come equipped with all the features that make their operation easy and convenient. Within our rental program, for example, we ensure that all patient lifts be battery operated. Unlike manually operated lifts– which require the caregiver to operate a hydraulic pump on the hoyer lift in order to raise the patient– battery operated patient lifts will raise and lower the individual at the simple touch of a button. This feature doesn’t only minimize physical effort on the part of the caregiver, but it also ensure the comfort of the patient as the movement becomes smoother.

Of course, as it is the case with every electrically-operated device, power failure is always a possibility. For that situation, our power patient lifts come with the option of manual lowering. Our battery operated patient lifts are easy to charge– their adapter simply plugs into any standard electrical outlet. For safety reasons, the hoyer lift will only operate when the device is unplugged.  

Another universal feature of patient lifts across the board are their wide-spread legs. When the device is being moved, the legs will come close together in order to facilitate the lift’s maneuverability. However, when the times comes for the patient transfer to take place, the legs are widened to ensure the device’s stability when moving an individual.

When you decide to rent or purchase a patient lift, you must also consider which kind of sling you will require– this conversation is often best had with your occupational therapist or doctor, who will assess your needs and pick the right kind of transfer support for you. Some common types of patient lift slings are basic, full body, u-slings, bariatric slings and padded slings.

The team at Mediplus Mobility ensures that whether you’re buying or renting a patient lift in Florida, you’ll receive it promptly and in excellent condition and hygiene. A quality patient sling can make a big difference in the life of individuals who can’t transfer between resting surfaces independently. Comfort and safety are just one call away!