On the road to freedom: The Portable Scooter

There’s so much to see and do in the summertime… and many individuals who experience mobility impairments choose to use a mobility scooter to do just that. Electric mobility scooters are the perfect device for moving around your neighborhood (an even your home!) in comfort, speed and safety!

Many of these devices however, are built in larger sizes, which make them extremely challenging to transport on a regular car. Often a van with a ramp is needed if you plan to take your scooter to the mall, a park or on a trip. That is where portable mobility scooters– also known as travel mobility scooters– come in.

go go elite mobility scooter
Disassembled Go-Go Elite Traveler Mobility Scooter

These devices, unlike their larger and heavier relatives, can be disassembled in order to easily fit them in to a vehicle. Compact mobility scooters come in your choice of three or four wheel configurations (depending on your preference for stability and maneuverability) and can come apart in three or four pieces. They are light-weight and feature comfortable swivel seats that are not captain’s seats but can still deliver a cushy and secure feeling during your travels.

Just because compact electric mobility scooters don’t come with the size of full-size mobility scooters, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t equipped with great features. All of them come with ample, removable carry baskets, some have interchangeable plate colors, anti-tip wheels and more.

What’s just as attractive as the portability of compact mobility scooters is their price-tag! Most of them retail for just over the $1000 mark, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious individuals seeking the freedom and versatility of this motorized device. Mediplus Mobility has a wide selection of electric mobility scooters both for sale and for rent in South Florida. We’ll be happy to assist you in finding the best compact mobility scooter for you.



Electric Home Hospital Beds are jam packed with convenient features

Whether you or a loved one are recovering from surgery or injury or will be needing and assisted sleep surface in the long terms, home hospital beds — made for use in one’s home but equipped with all the features present in the beds patients use in a hospital– can be a great solution for patients and caregivers alike.

drive bed
Full Electric Home Hospital Bed

The latest and greatest electric home hospital beds in the market come standard with three important features to facilitate the recovery and well-being of patients. Firstly, their backrests can be controlled to move up and down. The downwards position is ideal for sleeping, napping and resting whereas the upwards position is great for eating, reading, watching TV and carrying out other activities. The second important feature of these beds is the elevating leg and foot portion of the device. Patients suffering from back pain or requiring their legs and feet to be elevated in order to reduce pain, swelling or accelerate healing of a lesion, will benefit from this feature.

Lastly, standard electric home hospital beds can be raised or lowered according to the patients’ needs. Individuals for whom a standard bed is usually too high for them to move into a standard position safely and comfortable, can lower the bed in order to make sure they can stand up. Caregivers will also find the home hospital bed’s downwards motion very convenient as it facilitates transfers between different devices– from a bed to a wheelchair for example. They will also benefit from the bed’s upwards motion when it comes to providing personal care to the patient.

These three features are fundamental if you’re looking for an electric home hospital bed for rent– and most beds available in the market will be equipped with them at the simple touch of a remote control button. Patients looking to purchase a bed instead– especially those suffering from respiratory ailments– will want to consider looking at beds that feature the Trendelenburg position– a forward tilt of the bed that allows for comfortable rest assisting with proper breathing.

The Advantages Of Renting A Wheelchair When Traveling

The main reasons why travelers often need a wheelchair or mobility support device when traveling abroad are disease/illness, natural aging or injury. If you or a loved one is thinking of traveling in the near future, there are many reasons why renting rather than purchasing expensive medical equipment might be advantageous. Because travel is a temporary endeavor, wheelchair rentals for the duration of your trip are often less expensive than buying one.

Some injuries also, require you to use a wheelchair for a short period of time. When patients suffer a fracture, for example, they are required to avoid putting stress on the injury for a short while. In such cases, purchasing a wheelchair to assist with recovery will not make financial sense. If the disability is temporary, it is often a better idea to rent a wheelchair. Rentals of wheelchairs are often covered by insurance plans. Whether you’re going on vacation by plane, cruise ship or decide to use a car rental service, it is important to know that scooters, electric wheelchairs and wheelchairs can all fit these means of transportation and can make getting to and around your preferred destination a much more pleasurable experience.

Always call ahead when traveling to a destination to arrange to have a rented wheelchair ready for you upon arrival. Taking your own wheelchair with you on vacation can be burdensome, but renting a device at your destination is convenient and stress-free. If you are traveling for a long period of time, look at the cost difference between renting and purchasing a new wheelchair. If you plan to use the wheelchair in the short term, renting one from Mediplus Mobility will help you save money in the long run.

Renting a wheelchair for traveling is one of the many advantages of our rental program. If your condition, disability or injury require you to use a wheelchair for a short period of time, you could be best served to consider looking into renting one from our team. Mediplus Mobility makes wheelchair rentals fast and easy.

traveler on wheelchair in mountains

Try out an Electric Wheelchair and Get Outside!

At Mediplus Mobility, we want to help you re-acquire the freedom to explore the world and get where you want to go, when you want to! Anytime is a great time to rent an Electric Wheelchair and allow these amazing devices to give you the freedom and mobility you seek.

Our Power Wheelchairs for rent have all the features you need for a comfortable, stylish and safe and smooth ride—adjustable, reclining seats and headrests, programmable controller are some of the available options. If you need the support and convenience of a Manual Wheelchair but could also benefit from the added power and torque of a mobility scooter, Electric Wheelchairs are the ideal vehicle for you.

power wheelchair
Power Wheelchair with Captain’s Seat

City dwellers can particularly benefit from these devices—Electric Wheelchairs are great to easily navigate through cracked sidewalks, asphalt or gravel. They are also the perfect choice for traveling longer distances. Whereas Manual Wheelchairs are appropriate when patients require a device to move largely indoors or travel short distances, they can become hard to use—and at times even hinder your mobility– when navigating tougher terrain. By choosing a top-quality Power Chair you will never be stuck in a bind again—you can count with the power and support you need.

Renting—as opposed to buying one of these vehicles—is the perfect way to try them out! Mediplus Mobility’s flexible options for rental terms allow you to test them out for as long as you need and find out if the device suits all your needs. Similarly, if your budget doesn’t currently allow you to accommodate the purchase of an Electric Wheelchair, you can consider renting a great way to enjoy all the support and freedom that these devices can bring into your life. Many of our clients choose rentals as the best option for them. If you require more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our expert service-people who will help evaluate your routine, expectations and needs to help you make an informed decision that will suit your lifestyle, health needs and pocket.

You can reach the team at Mediplus Mobility to learn more about our stylish and sleek Motorized Wheelchairs by phone and online during regular business hours. We will happily walk you through the range of options we have ready for you and help you find the right Electric Wheelchair to have you outdoors, and enjoying the sunshine in no time!