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Patient Lift rental Store in Miami & Florida

Patient lifts can are a very helpful device for caregivers. Mediplus Mobility’s patient lifts for rent are battery operated, meaning that individuals caring for a patient whose mobility is severely restricted will be able to control the device at the touch of a button. Patient lifts for rent Florida are an excellent option to alleviate the physical exertion and injury risk of caregivers who have to transfer patients from one location to another. Equipped with wheels and a sling, patient lifts for rent are a good choice for individuals receiving temporary care at home or visiting the state on vacation. The hoyer lifts are equipped with an emergency button that can switch the device to manual operation in order to lower patients down safely in the case of power loss. Our patient lifts for rent Florida are shipped directly to your home in excellent condition and are available for rent on a weekly or monthly basis.

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  • Patient Lift Rentals Florida
    Patient Lift Rentals Florida
    Minimum Rental Term: 1 week.
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Choosing to rent a Patient Lift from Mediplus Mobility

The team at Mediplus Mobility is happy to offer customers in need of patient lift assistance a patient lift rental program in Florida. Patients with highly limited mobility can be moved with ease with a Hoyer Lift—a convenient and comfortable solution for patient transfers. Both patients and their caregivers will find that using a Hoyer Lift will make day-to-day living easier. Mediplus Mobility’s patient lift rental program is available for short term and longer term depending on your needs.

Without the help of patient lifts, it can take several people to transfer a mobility-impaired patient from one place to another and from one position to another. Doing so can be risky as well; presenting the possibility of injury to both the caregivers and the patients themselves. Choosing to rent a Hoyer Lift for patient transfer will make a big difference in the lives of patients and caregivers alike. What’s more—both the patient and the caregiver will be able to enjoy a comfortable and risk-free transfer experience with Mediplus Mobility’s patient lift rentals.

Individuals in need of patient lift rental services in Florida will find our Hoyer Lift rental program an affordable option. Our team of customer service experts can help you in renting a high-quality and reliable patient lift for a low price. Instead of requiring that you spend thousands of dollars on a single piece of equipment, our patient lifts for rent will help you create a comfortable patient transfer experience at an affordable cost. If you’re looking for a patient lift rental Florida, Mediplus Mobility’s program is here to help as a sensible and convenient choice.

The Patient Lift: Easing your life and that of your caregiver

Varying degrees of mobility impairment require varying degrees of assistance for individuals and caregivers alike. For patients who are unable to transition between a wheelchair and bed independently for example , a patient lift helps to complete the task safely and seamlessly.

Mediplus Mobility offers patient lifts for sale and for rent that are well cared for and come equipped with all the features that make their operation easy and convenient. Within our rental program, for example, we ensure that all patient lifts be battery operated. Unlike manually operated lifts– which require the caregiver to operate a hydraulic pump on the hoyer lift in order to raise the patient– battery operated patient lifts will raise and lower the individual at the simple touch of a button. This feature doesn’t only minimize physical effort on the part of the caregiver, but it also ensure the comfort of the patient as the movement becomes smoother.

Of course, as it is the case with every electrically-operated device, power failure is always a possibility. For that situation, our power patient lifts come with the option of manual lowering. Our battery operated patient lifts are easy to charge– their adapter simply plugs into any standard electrical outlet. For safety reasons, the hoyer lift will only operate when the device is unplugged.

Another universal feature of patient lifts across the board are their wide-spread legs. When the device is being moved, the legs will come close together in order to facilitate the lift’s maneuverability. However, when the times comes for the patient transfer to take place, the legs are widened to ensure the device’s stability when moving an individual.

When you decide to rent or purchase a patient lift, you must also consider which kind of sling you will require– this conversation is often best had with your occupational therapist or doctor, who will assess your needs and pick the right kind of transfer support for you. Some common types of patient lift slings are basic, full body, u-slings, bariatric slings and padded slings.

The team at Mediplus Mobility ensures that whether you’re buying or renting a patient lift in Florida, you’ll receive it promptly and in excellent condition and hygiene. A quality patient sling can make a big difference in the life of individuals who can’t transfer between resting surfaces independently. Comfort and safety are just one call away!

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