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Knee Walker Rental Store in Miami & Florida

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  • Knee Walker for Rent
    Knee Walker for Rent
    Fits in any trunk
    Minimum Rental Term: 1 week
    Weight Capacity Height Length Width
    300lbs 39"-43" 32" 17"
    Starting at: $40.00

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Why choose to rent knee walker from Mediplus Mobility

Individuals who require the use of a knee walker will find that renting a knee walker is often the best choice for them. Just like crutches, this specific piece of equipment is generally necessary for just several weeks. Patients who need them could be in the process of recovering from surgery or waiting for a sprain or break to heal. Many individuals are looking to enjoy the convenience and comfort of a knee walker—however, they want to avoid purchasing a costly piece of equipment that they won’t need months down the road. For them, going with a knee walker rental Florida is the most convenient option in the market.

At Mediplus Mobility, we are proud of the top-quality Customer Service experience we offer our customers. Not only are our agents friendly and knowledgeable of the latest available mobility products but they also possess hands-on setup experience. We speak Spanish too!

As our areas of service in Florida continue to expand, we are working diligently to offer convenient delivery options to accommodate our customers in most parts of the state of Florida. Customers wishing to rent a wheelchair, lift chair, hospital bed, power chair, patient lift or scooter in Florida know that they can count on prompt delivery to their preferred locations.

Mediplus Mobility’s knee walker rental program is available on a weekly or monthly basis. We look forward to serving you and continuing to be your #1 source for knee walker rentals in Florida.

Forget crutches! Try a knee walker with Mediplus Mobility

Traditionally, crutches have always been prescribed by physicians for individuals who have suffered a lower leg injury or have undergone surgery. However, many individuals find the use of crutche cumbersome. Not only does the proper use of a pair of crutches require a considerable amount of upper body strength, but they hardly allow for any use of their hands in order to carry out everyday tasks like brushing their teeth or cooking.

A great solution for individuals who would rather forego the use of crutches is the knee walker. This convenient device is made up of an ergonomic foam cushion onto which you can rest the upper portion of your lower leg, two back wheels and a steerable front wheel with brakes.

Now imagine, rolling up to the counter, putting on the brakes and cooking up a meal without having to compromise your comfort and support your injured leg or foot requires.

Knee walkers have a tight turning radius, meaning that they are perfectly suitable for use at home or outdoors. Mediplus Mobility patients who have either rented or purchased a knee walker, often report a great improvement on their quality of life as they are now able to move much more swiftly and comfortably.

These devices are also a breeze to take with you wherever you go. Their t-bar handle, equipped with foam grips, is easy to fold down—allowing for the scooter to fit into any car trunk. Once you arrive at your destination, you simply unfold the handle and you are ready to go.

When it comes to using a knee walker, we generally advise that individuals possess sufficient balance and strength in their unaffected leg as it will be used to propel the device and help balance it at higher speeds.

Knee walkers are truly a life-changing invention that will facilitate your daily activities from the very first moment you try it out. Mediplus Mobility stands behind their quality line of knee walkers for sale and rent and we look forward to sharing this revolutionary product with you.

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