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Electric wheelchair rental Store Miami & Florida

Power wheelchairs for rent can be of great assistance to individuals seeking freedom and speed to move around. Their comfortable seating and tight turning radius make them ideal for use both at home and outdoors. Mediplus Mobility’s electric wheelchairs for rent Florida come both in portable versions and larger models with Captain seats. Our experts can effectively guide you to the perfect electric wheelchair for rent for you depending on your needs and level of mobility. The electric wheelchairs in our rental program provide you with an average of 15 miles of autonomy for every full charge. That means that you can easily take them out for a spin in your neighbourhood or the mall. Their easy-to-use controls will guarantee that you’ll get moving in no time. Our portable electric wheelchairs for rent Florida can be easily disassembled and fit into the trunk of a car or belly of a plane—ensuring light-weight ease of use whether you’re home or abroad. Mediplus’ electric wheelchairs for rent come fully serviced and sanitized.

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Why rent an Electric Wheelchair at Mediplus Mobility?

Mediplus Mobility is your one-stop shop for convenient electric wheelchairs anywhere in the state of Florida. If you need a comfortable mobility solution for a loved one or even yourself, the electric wheelchairs in our rental program have great features to add to your comfort. People with surgeries on their legs, hips or joints; individuals who are severely obese or whose mobility is restricted by hip dysplasia or joint issues will find luxury and convenience in our devices. Our power wheelchairs include top-of-the-line options and features like swiveling/reclining seats, power steering and adjustable headrests. For some people looking to buy a power wheelchair, those features will significantly add to the device’s price tag. That’s where our electric wheelchair rental program comes in. If you only need a temporary solution, do not qualify for government assistance towards the purchase of a power chair, or you don’t have access to an insurance policy that covers their cost, Mediplus Mobility’s electric wheelchair rental services might be the right option for you. Our dedicated customer service agents will be happy to help you find the best solution to your needs—just give us a call!

We are particularly proud of the quality of our Customer Service. Not only do our agents know the selection of available power chairs inside-out, but they are also friendly and have extensive hands-on setup experience. We also speak Spanish! As our business continues to grow, we are working diligently to offer convenient delivery options to accommodate our customers in most parts of the state of Florida. Customers wishing to rent a wheelchair, lift chair, hospital bed, power chair, patient lift or scooter in Florida know that they can count on prompt delivery to their preferred locations.

Mediplus Mobility’s electric wheelchair rentals are available on a weekly or monthly basis. We look forward to serving you and continuing to be your #1 source for medical equipment rentals in Florida.

If you’re looking for independence and comfort in your day-to-day activities, as about Mediplus Mobility’s long-terms electric wheelchair rental program today!

Try out an Electric Wheelchair and Get Outside!

At Mediplus Mobility, we want to help you re-acquire the freedom to explore the world and get where you want to go, when you want to! Anytime is a great time to rent an Electric Wheelchair and allow these amazing devices to give you the freedom and mobility you seek.

Our Power Wheelchairs for rent have all the features you need for a comfortable, stylish and safe and smooth ride—adjustable, reclining seats and headrests, programmable controller are some of the available options. If you need the support and convenience of a Manual Wheelchair but could also benefit from the added power and torque of a mobility scooter, Electric Wheelchairs are the ideal vehicle for you.

City dwellers can particularly benefit from these devices—Electric Wheelchairs are great to easily navigate through cracked sidewalks, asphalt or gravel. They are also the perfect choice for traveling longer distances. Whereas Manual Wheelchairs are appropriate when patients require a device to move largely indoors or travel short distances, they can become hard to use—and at times even hinder your mobility– when navigating tougher terrain. By choosing a top-quality Power Chair you will never be stuck in a bind again—you can count with the power and support you need.

Renting—as opposed to buying one of these vehicles—is the perfect way to try them out! Mediplus Mobility’s flexible options for rental terms allow you to test them out for as long as you need and find out if the device suits all your needs. Similarly, if your budget doesn’t currently allow you to accommodate the purchase of an Electric Wheelchair, you can consider renting a great way to enjoy all the support and freedom that these devices can bring into your life. Many of our clients choose rentals as the best option for them. If you require more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our expert service-people who will help evaluate your routine, expectations and needs to help you make an informed decision that will suit your lifestyle, health needs and pocket.

You can reach the team at Mediplus Mobility to learn more about our stylish and sleek Motorized Wheelchairs by phone and online during regular business hours. We will happily walk you through the range of options we have ready for you and help you find the right Electric Wheelchair to have you outdoors, and enjoying the sunshine in no time!

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