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Electrical Hospital Bed Rental Store in Miami & Florida

When you need home hospital beds to care for a loved one, Mediplus Mobility is there with convenient hospital bed rental anywhere in Miami.

Mediplus’ experienced team offers electric hospital bed rentals Florida which will facilitate the recovery or daily living of a patient. Electric hospital bed rentals are a perfect choice for patients whose recuperation will be temporary—from a week to a few months, our electric hospital bed rentals Florida will help you or a loved one to find the comfort and convenience you seek during recovery. Our program for electric hospital bed rentals is also a great choice for people vacationing in the state who need a temporary solution for their lodging. The hospital beds in our rental program are not only fully electric and remote-control operated, but they are also 100% sanitized are sent to your home with a brand new, zippered mattress cover. With our and affordable delivery options, Mediplus Mobility excels at making the process of bringing in our customers’ electric hospital bed rentals into their homes worry-free and quick.

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  • Electric Home Hospital Bed A
    Electric Home Hospital Bed A
    Minimum Term: 1 month.
    Weight Capacity Height Length Width
    450lbs 16"-22" 88" 36"
    Starting at: $160.00
  • Electric Home Hospital Bed B
    Electric Home Hospital Bed B
    Invacare Carroll Homecare Bed
    Minimum Term: 1 month.
    Weight Capacity Length Width
    450lbs 88" 41"
    Starting at: $299.00
  • Electric Home Hospital Bed C
    Electric Home Hospital Bed C
    10-position luxurious Rotec bed
    Minimum Term: 1 month.
    Weight Capacity Height Length Width
    500lbs 13"-23' 80" 39"
    Starting at: $359.00

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Why choose Mediplus Mobility for your hospital bed rental needs?

Mediplus Mobility is your one-stop shop for Hospital beds rentals in Florida. We have a wide selection of models and types of l beds to fit your needs and budget. Mediplus Mobility can help you choose the perfect type of Home Hospital bed for rent in Florida.

We are proud of the high-quality Customer Service that we deliver on a daily basis. Not only do our agents deliver personalized, friendly service, but are also deeply knowledgeable of mobility products in the market and hands-on setup experience.

As our business continues to grow, we are working diligently to offer convenient delivery options to accommodate our customers in most parts of the state of Florida. Customers wishing to rent a wheelchair, lift chair, hospital bed, power chair, patient lift or scooter in Florida know that they can count on prompt delivery to their preferred locations.

Mediplus Mobility’s wheelchair rentals are available on an weekly or monthly basis. We look forward to serving you and continuing to be your #1 source for medical equipment rentals in Florida.

Electric Home Hospital Beds are jam packed with convenient features

Whether you or a loved one are recovering from surgery or injury or will be needing and assisted sleep surface in the long terms, home hospital beds — made for use in one’s home but equipped with all the features present in the beds patients use in a hospital– can be a great solution for patients and caregivers alike.

The latest and greatest electric home hospital beds in the market come standard with three important features to facilitate the recovery and well-being of patients. Firstly, their backrests can be controlled to move up and down. The downwards position is ideal for sleeping, napping and resting whereas the upwards position is great for eating, reading, watching TV and carrying out other activities. The second important feature of these beds is the elevating leg and foot portion of the device. Patients suffering from back pain or requiring their legs and feet to be elevated in order to reduce pain, swelling or accelerate healing of a lesion, will benefit from this feature.

Lastly, standard electric home hospital beds can be raised or lowered according to the patients’ needs. Individuals for whom a standard bed is usually too high for them to move into a standard position safely and comfortable, can lower the bed in order to make sure they can stand up. Caregivers will also find the home hospital bed’s downwards motion very convenient as it facilitates transfers between different devices– from a bed to a wheelchair for example. They will also benefit from the bed’s upwards motion when it comes to providing personal care to the patient.

These three features are fundamental if you’re looking for an electric home hospital bed for rent– and most beds available in the market will be equipped with them at the simple touch of a remote control button. Patients looking to purchase a bed instead– especially those suffering from respiratory ailments– will want to consider looking at beds that feature the Trendelenburg position– a forward tilt of the bed that allows for comfortable rest assisting with proper breathing.

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